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What should I study to become a product manager?

Posted on January 31, 2008 · 1 Comment

Question: What should I study to get in to product management?

I am currently considering a job change into graphic design, but was introduced to the idea of product managing from a website. What does one study to get into product management? How different is it from marketing? Any information you could give me will be greatly appreciated!

Answer from Jeff Lash of How To Be A Good Product Manager: As far as what people study, it really depends. Look at job listings to see what the requirements are. Marketing is most common, but in technology companies or with technology products, some sort of technical background is common as well. Experience is usually more important than education, though, as product management isn’t really taught in most university programs.

Product Management is treated slightly differently in each company, and what a product manager for, say, a consumer packaged goods company does might be totally different than a PM for a software company. Ultimately it depends on your interests, experience, and skills.

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