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Ask A Good Product Manager is going on hiatus

Posted on September 16, 2012 · No Comments

Ask A Good Product Manager started as a sort of response to the success of my main blog, How To Be A Good Product Manager.

Many readers had specific questions and needed advice on how to address specific aspects of product management. At the time, there were few resources for them to turn to, so I ended up fielding a lot of questions and responding directly via email. Soon, I realized this wasn’t efficient for me nor readers. The questions were probably ones which many product managers (or those interested in product management) had as well. And, selfishly, I was spending a lot of my time responding to questions, so I wanted to still get those questions answered but not have it take up as much of my time.

Ask A Good Product Manager solved those problems — readers got their questions answered; those answers were shared with the world; and I was able to recruit a fantastic group of product management experts to provide their input as well.

Of course, times have changed. With new — and, quite frankly, better and more efficient — ways of getting questions addressed like LinkedIn Answers and Quora, the need for a service like Ask A Good Product Manager has diminished. Plus, there are so many other books, blogs, and resources for product managers to turn to to get information and get their questions answered. There will always be a need for Q&A for product management, and I’m pleased to see that there are so many great options available.

So, just as good product managers should evaluate their products with respect to the overall product lifecycle, I’ve been evaluating Ask A Good Product Manager as a “product” and have decided to put it on hiatus. What does that mean?

  • There will be no new posts on Ask A Good Product Manager.
  • All of the existing blog posts will remain on the site unchanged. They still serve as valuable references for tens of thousands of visitors and continue to generate comments discussion. Hopefully they will continue to be useful for a long time to come. They will still be licensed under a Creative Commons license, meaning you’re free to republish or create derivative works at no cost with just a few tiny conditions.

If you’re wondering where to go to get your product management questions answered, there are a number of sources:

This also coincides with some other changes going on for me. I’ll be changing my approach to my “main” blog, How To Be A Good Product Manager, and have also recently joined SiriusDecisions, a research and advisory firm focused on helping business-to-business companies improve their sales and marketing effectiveness. I’m humbled to be part of a tremendously talented and experienced team which is doing some fantastic work in aligning sales and marketing functions across various industries. One area they focus on is Product Marketing and Management, and I am now part of a team which works with companies to improve how they develop, manage, and market products and services and improve their product management effectiveness. So, if you’re a b-to-b company looking to get questions about product management answered — plus data-driven research into best practices, webcasts, in-person forums and workshops, e-learning, and other advisory services — we can help.

So while you won’t see any new content posted here, you can keep up with all things product management via How To Be A Good Product Manager, read posts from me and my colleagues on the SiriusDecisions blog, and follow me on Twitter (@jefflash) as well as the aforementioned Quora.

To everyone who has asked questions, answered questions, contributed comments, and visited over the years — thank you for making this a great resource for product management, and looking forward to continuing to interacting as part of the global product management community.