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Ask A Good Product Manager was designed to provide answers to real product management questions. It is an offshoot of How To Be A Good Product Manager, a blog which provides regular tips on good product management practices.

Many readers of How To Be A Good Product Manager send emails asking for advice on product management questions and challenges. Ask A Good Product Manager was created as a way to answer more of these questions and share the answers with other product managers who have the same questions. Ask A Good Product Manager is currently on hiatus, though our 70+ questions with responses are still available online.

Photo of Jeff LashThis site is put together by me, Jeff Lash. I currently work for as the Service Director for the Product Management advisory service at SiriusDecisions.

Other good product managers were called on regularly to provide their advice and all readers are encouraged to join in the discussion as well. The views and opinions expressed on this site by me, other contributors, and by commenters are those of the authors only and may not be representative of my current or past employers.

More information about product management is available on How To Be A Good Product Manager, including recommended product management resources and a way to get in touch with me.

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What others are saying about Ask A Good Product Manager

  • Rob Grady: “a site that enables folks to ask questions and have the community respond is badly needed”
  • brainmates: “Even if you don’t have a question, the information on the website is a great resource to help you grow from a good Product Manager to a great Product Manager.”
  • Lead on Purpose (Michael Ray Hopkin): “I love the idea of creating a place where product managers can ask questions and share ideas.”
  • Tyner Blain (Scott Sehlhorst): “What Jeff is doing is addressing a targeted set of questions and answers. Over time, it may build up into a FAQ (frequently asked questions) for product managers – we’ll see where it goes. … He has found a way to share the answers – if the question is asked once, the answer is likely to be of interest to many. And he’s doing it well.”
  • xblog (Bill Keaggy): “Another good thing from former XPLANEr Jeff Lash”
  • ack/nak (Bob Corrigan): “excellent site”

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