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For each question on Ask A Good Product Manager, there’s a “main” answer and then the opportunity for anyone to add their own answer in the comments section.

If you’d like to be on the list of people chosen to answer the “main” question, let me know. This is no guarantee that you’ll be chosen, though it certainly helps! Other things that help your chances of being chosen include:

  • Posting good comments on questions here
  • Sharing your product management expertise on your blog
  • Responding to product management questions on various product management mailing lists
  • Generally being a cool person

The goal is to get a wide variety of answers from a wide variety of people, though of course, as with everything in product management, “it depends.” For example, there may be more interested respondents than questions, or some questions may be directed towards individuals with specific areas of expertise.

If you’re interested in answering questions, please email [email protected].