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Note: While we attempt to answer and post all questions received, due to the volume of questions we receive, occasionally this is not possible. In order to give your question a very high likelihood of receiving an answer, ask yourself these 4 questions first:

  1. Is this a question about a basic fundamental of product management? There are plenty of great resources already available for product managers. Do a quick search online for your question or review some of the recommended resources first. For example, we won’t answer a question like “What does a product manager do?” (And yes, people have asked this question here.)
  2. Is this something for which an answer already exists? Please check the Ask A Good Product Manager archives to see if there is already a similar question and answer. If one of the questions in archive is similar to — though not exactly the same as — your question, make sure to explain how your question is different than a question which has previously been answered. Otherwise, the first response you receive will be a link to the archives with some suggested reading.
  3. Is this something which is related to product management? This site exists to answer questions about product management. For questions about marketing, development, management in general, or any other topics not directly related to product management, we will likely not be able to provide an answer.
  4. Can someone reading this understand what my question is? Though you may have a good idea of the question, the person reading and responding to the question may not. The more details and explanation you can provide, the easier it will be for us to provide a helpful response. If English is not your first language, we will still try to answer your question, though you may want to have a friend or colleague review your question first to make sure it is clear. There are many questions which we have been unfortunately unable to answer because the question is just not clear, even after several follow-ups. While we do our best to answer every question, if we can not understand what the question is asking, we can not answer it.

With that said, email your question to [email protected] and it may be chosen for Ask A Good Product Manager. Your name and contact information will not be shared or posted unless you request otherwise.